About us


Our staffs have gained extensive experience in industry, business environment, education systems and culture in both Asia and Europe.

We provide best quality services tailored to each customer's needs in Asia and Europe.

Our motto: fast, efficient, durable.

We are committed to reply within 12 hours after being contacted by email or by post.

We are committed to provide you the most efficient advices.

We are committed to build long lasting relationships with our clients and among our customers and partners.


LHQConsulting is based in France and has branch office in Vietnam.

LHQConsulting is led by a board of senior managers experienced in the field of technology, investment, tourism and education. We master our areas of work and understand law and working environment of Asia and Europe.


Mr. Tony Lêfoundator, CEO

Mr. Tony Lê has many years of experience in several important international industry groups.

Mr. Tony Lê participates in many collaborative and investment projects in Vietnam. He advises and reviews industrial and social development projects in Vietnam.

Mr. Tony Lê has a PhD degree at l’Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, a MBA for doctor at ENPC School of International Management, France.




M. Trương Lê, director

Mr. Trương Lê is executive director of LHQConsulting office in Vietnam.

Mr. Trương Lê has extensive experience in economic management and strategic consulting for foreign companies in Vietnam. He has held key management positions in public and private companies. Mr. Truong Le masters the economic environment, laws and work culture of Vietnam.

Mr. Trương Lê holds an MBA from the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City, he has a PhD in economics at the University of Southern California, USA.




LHQConsulting has close relationships with a network of partners including big companies, manufacturers, distributors and construction companies in Asia and Europe. This helps us to connect quickly and durably business relationships between companies.

We have working and studying experience in Europe and Asia. Therefore, we can advise you to choose the best training programs, internships in both European and Asian companies.